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At Dataiku, we are on a mission to make Data Science approachable to more and more people, that's why we are introducing today a whole new section part of our website: the Learn section.

Data Science is not always an easy thing. If you want to become a data scientist, you will probably need to get up to speed on a bunch of things: mathematical concepts, machine learning algorithms, software engineering, using several data processing technologies, a good business acumen, communication skills...

With Data Science Studio, we are building a software that will let you run a data science project from A to Z, combining all these concepts in a common platform.

And to help you gain all the knowledge required to be a good data scientist, and to share the best practices about using DSS, we are happy to introduce the new Learn section of our website.


The Learn section is a central access point to a wide variety of technical content, to the DSS community, and even to the Dataiku's support team.

Technical tips with the How-To's

The How To block is a repository of written articles and notes about specific items. How to install your own Python or R packages? How to parse dates or web data using DSS? How to create a d3.js based visualization in a custom web app? These are some typical questions you will find there, with best practices and ready-to-use sample code to make you go faster.

And that goes beyond DSS! With the Data Science Academy articles, you will understand the risk of overfitting your ML model, or what are R packages you need to know ;)

How To

Sample end-to-end data science projects with the Tutorials

If you are new to DSS, you will have access in this section to 3 step-by-step tutorials, taking you through all the way down from starting from raw data to your first automated predictive model. At the end, you will know most of the key concepts and features of DSS, and should be able to use them on your own projects.

Also, if you need to go a little bit further and quickly bootstrap your project, more business-oriented tutorials are made available. Preventing churn or predicting lifetime value, you will find there all you need to build these apps in DSS.


Get answers using the community-based Q&A or support from the Dataiku's team

The Learn section is now the access point to a Question & Answers site where you can submit questions to the ever growing community of DSS users. You will also find cool tips around DSS!

Using an Enterprise Edition of DSS? You can also get a direct access to our support team to address your issues and help you getting the best out of Data Science Studio.


Stay up-to-date with Data Science Studio

Finally, the User Guide will point you to the DSS detailed documentation where you will find all the details to set-up and run DSS on your servers.

And the What's new section is here so that you don't miss the new features of each new releases of DSS!

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Be sure to check out the content of the Learn section on a regular basis. We plan to add material very frequently!

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