Why Desktop-Based Analytics Platforms are Becoming a Thing of the Past

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The writing has been on the wall for several years now...the inexorable trend towards server-side software with a thin, web-based user interface would eventually consume enterprise-grade analytics platforms. But why?

While server-side software has taken over other parts of the enterprise, and notably CRM and ERP systems, analytics has remained something of a holdout with several desktop-based solutions stubbornly maintaining their market share.

A few years ago, desktop-based solutions for advanced analytics could make sense. Actually, they often did make sense. After all, accessible data just wasn't that big. And analysts could typically get their work done with a few Excel files and a PowerPoint presentation. But as the Big Data ecosystem has rapidly evolved - with a plethora of new data sources, new tools, and certainly new problems to tackle - more and more organisations are confronted with some serious issues as they implement, accelerate, and scale their Big Data initiatives to keep up with the market. One of these issues being the use of desktop-based solutions for data analysis and predictive modeling.

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So why are the once turn-to-desktop-based-solutions suddenly becoming more a pain than an asset to organisations attempting to build actual value with their data? At Dataiku, we've really looked into this shift and we've pinpointed 6 key reasons for why it is happening... And how organisations will have to unavoidably adapt.

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From game changers like Hadoop to human needs like collaboration and finally to issues around security, find out why the justifications for using desktop-based analytics platforms are rapidly thinning... and why any organisation that is serious about building and running data solutions on an enterprise level for real results should seriously consider server-side rather than desktop-based analytics tools.

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