How To Expand Your Business Internationally When You're A French Start-Up

Opinion| business| start-up | | Thomas Thus

Florian Douetteau (Dataiku’s CEO and Co-Founder) recently set foot in New York City to start planning Dataiku’s next challenge: creating the company’s first US entity in the Big Apple.

Dataiku Flies Off to the United States of America!

Is it easy for French organizations to successfully instill business on the US market? What cultural differences exist and which ones actually matter? Which tips can readily prepare a French company for an international expansion?

Find out about Florian Douetteau’s own experience in this interview for "Digital Influencers" animated by Anicet Mbida (Clubic Pro, M6 group).

A special thanks to the Clubic Pro team. Keep posted for more news on Dataiku's US entity.

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