Recap on Dataiku User Group #7 – fun with plugins and DSS!

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We had a great time at our 7th DUG (Dataiku User Group) in Paris on October 28th. The event was hosted in our offices in the center of Paris. We welcomed over 20 select DSS users to work with our team and develop plugins for Data Science Studio. We had a great time writing code and getting to know each other over pizza and beers!

As I'm sure you all know by now, since our latest release of DSS 2.1, users can develop their own plugins for DSS in Python to create datasets directly linked to an API, share these with the community, and add plugins shared by others with just one click.

So for our 7th DUG, we decided to get together with our users and create new plugins to import and play with data from LinkedIn, Google Spreadsheet, Foursquare or Gutenberg (for use cases around Natural Language Programming). Some of our best data scientists and developers were there to coach the attendees and guide their first steps with these plugins.

After an hour and half of coding, everyone chilled and debriefed around well-deserved beers and pizzas.

Dataiku DUG #7 - fun with plugins
Don't they look like they're having fun?!

We'll be sharing all of these plugins on Github and you'll find them in Data Science Studio as soon as they've been reviewed and tested by the team.

Here's what you've got to look forward to:

  • Foursquare: We developped a plugin that enables you to retrieve all the points of interest (POI) of a given category (food, entertainment…) in a specified area. It also links these POI with an hexagonal grid so you can make super cool heat maps. This plugin will be helpful to enrich all you geolocalized data and it only requires a Postgres (with Postgis) connection. - Pierre

  • LinkedIn: The goal was to create a a plugin to retrieve Linkedin Relations as a dataset in DSS. With this simple idea, we dug into the LinkedIn API to see how to implement that. But... Uh oh! The Linkedin OAuth2 security protocol is so unfriendly and heavy that none of us could complete the promising plugin in an hour. Of course, we still had a good time ;) And next time we'll make sure to provide code to make this smoother. - Kenji

  • Project Gutenberg: We built a plugin to enable you to upload any english book from Project Gutenberg to your DSS project. The book is parsed to a dataset enabling you to analyze and clean the book as easily as any other data sources. There are so many cool things to do with this! - Hanna

  • Google Sheets : We figured that a lot of us use Google Spreadsheets documents to store and share data with colleagues or friends so we worked on a plugin to connect these spreadsheets to DSS. We finished it in time and even tested it on several documents. There's only one little bug I have to correct and it will be available very soon. - Jérémy

This was the first hands-on DUG that we organized and we were impressed with the high skill level of our users and how into it they got! So we've decided to do something similar for our next DUG, working in small groups based on interests and expertise!

You should sign up right now by clicking here:

Dataiku User Group #8

Can't wait to see you all there!
- Alivia

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