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Using Dashboards to Get a Feel for Your Model Before You Build It

Some people love surprises and others hate them, but there’s nothing fun about running a predictive model and then getting head-scratching results. In our sample project gallery, we’ve set up a...

Product, Data Visualization, Data Preparation | October 18, 2017 | Robert Kelley

Get to Know NYC and Paris from the Point of View of an Algorithm

When you walk around a city, you get a pretty good idea of how neighborhoods compare. You might start in a residential neighborhood and then walk to a busy area with lots of bars and restaurants...

Product, Data Visualization, clustering | July 17, 2017 | Robert Kelley

Incorporating Twitter (And Other Social) Data into Your Big Data Strategy

Data from social networks, particularly Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare, and Meetup, is a trove of valuable insight into the mentality, behaviors, and preferences of consumers....

Data analysis, Data Preparation, Data Visualization | May 22, 2017 | Lynn Heidmann

Finding the Best Airbnb in Paris (With Data Science!)

At Dataiku, we’re passionate about using data science to solve real-world problems. And what’s more real than the question of which Airbnb to rent for your next vacation? In this guest post, one...

Data analysis, Data Visualization, tutorial | April 19, 2017 | Lynn Heidmann

Become a Tableau Power User with Dataiku DSS

Our goal here at Dataiku is to help people everywhere grow their expertise and confidence with data. A vital part of this is being able to integrate easily with Tableau, making you a Tableau Power...

big data, data science, Data Visualization | November 06, 2016 | Robert Kelley

7 Fundamental Steps to Complete a Data Project

It’s hard to know where to start once you’ve decided that yes, you want to become more data driven. Just looking at all the technologies you have to understand and all the languages you’re...

Data analysis, Data Preparation, Data Visualization | July 05, 2016 | Alivia Smith

Winter is Coming: Game of Thrones Analysis

Spoiler alert: This post contains the full list of dead Game of Thrones characters... including those that will most likely die in season six.

Technology, data science, machine learning, Data Visualization | April 22, 2016 | Maxime Voisin

Why Data Visualization and Dashboards Matter

Data scientists spend days and days (if not weeks and weeks) cleaning and preparing data, building and training models, and eventually trying to come up with interesting insights or delivering...

Data analysis, Data Visualization, Visual Data Analysis | March 09, 2016 | Alivia Smith

Data Analysis Reveals the True Nature of Peer-Reviewed Journals

Pierre Bourdieu first made a very strong impression on me when I was just a college student. Not only did he have a funny-sounding name, at least to a French ear, but he was one of the most...

data science, Data analysis, Data Visualization | February 10, 2016 | Leo Dreyfus-Schmidt

Telling Stories With Data Visualization by Matt Daniels from Polygraph

Before I had ever even heard about Dataiku and started really working around data, I remember reading this awesome article around March 2015 on the ranking of hip hop artists based on their...

Interview, Technology, Data Visualization | January 27, 2016 | Alivia Smith

Merging Data Sources to Investigate Student Loan Debt

Many millennials in the United States are burdened with high student loan debt. Outstanding student loan debt in the United States was at a massive $1.19 trillion as of June 2015. 

Data Visualization, data science, machine learning | January 25, 2016 | Jed Dougherty

For Your Eyes Only in D3.js

Hey everyone, I'm so excited about the release this week of Spectre (the new Bond movie) that I wanted to write a cool blog post about it!

data science, Data Visualization, machine learning | November 09, 2015 | Matthieu Scordia

Sports Analytics and Clustering Algorithms [Video]

Check out this video by Léo Dreyfus-Schmidt (data scientist at Dataiku) on Sports analytics and clustering in Dataiku DSS.

data science, Data Visualization, clustering, tutorial, video | September 24, 2015 | Thomas Thus

France, its Food, and Data

When I first moved to France I had so many questions about food. What is an "aperitif" and why am I expected to bring one to dinner? You did what to that goose? And wait, cheese can be a dessert?

Technology, data science, Data Visualization | August 30, 2015 | Eric Kramer

Predict Breast Cancer Metastasis with Dataiku

The past decade has seen a dramatic fall in the price of a human genome, and there are amazing open-source databases filled with genomic information, so anyone can access terabytes of genomic...

Data analysis, Data Preparation, Data Visualization, tutorial | August 09, 2015 | Eric Kramer

Making the Best Data Visualizations in Data Science Studio [Video]

On August 5th, Joachim Zentici (Research Engineer at Dataiku) presented our fourth free training webinar, "How to make the Best Data Visualizations in DSS".

Data Visualization, Data analysis | August 05, 2015 | Thomas Thus

Data Visualization and the Tour de France with Dataiku

The Tour de France has just started, and I could not be more excited with this year’s extraordinary selection of contenders for the yellow jersey on the Champs Elysées.

Technology, Data Visualization, data science | July 05, 2015 | Leo Dreyfus-Schmidt
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