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Three Challenges to Address in Banking & Insurance Data Projects

We recently released a mesmerizing white paper on banking, insurance, and big data. Inside, you'll find use cases, methodology, and more. But we also asked a few experts to share their key...

Opinion, business, data | January 21, 2017 | Romain Doutriaux

From Small Data to Large - What Does Big Data Really Change

We live in the world of big data. We all know this. I do, you do, heck, I even picked up Cosmopolitan the other day and it had a definition of big data in it!

Opinion, Data Preparation, Visual Data Analysis, Technology, data | August 01, 2016 | Alivia Smith

5 Guidelines for Data-driven Marketing: Saegus’s Point of View

Ever wondered how to achieve your marketing data-driven momentum? We asked Stephane Marcovitch-Bruneau, Manager at Saegus.

Opinion, data science, business | June 28, 2016 | Romain Doutriaux

Why Desktop-Based Analytics Platforms are Becoming a Thing of the Past

The writing has been on the wall for several years now...the inexorable trend towards server-side software with a thin, web-based user interface would eventually consume enterprise-grade analytics...

Opinion, data science, Technology | June 22, 2016 | Pauline Brown

Tips & Tools To Find the Best Data Science News

Data science is a world that doesn’t seem to ever stay put. In the blink of an eye dozens of open source projects are launched, companies develop new data products or find new use cases and...

Opinion, Technology, business | May 17, 2016 | Alivia Smith

The Solitude of the Data Team Manager, by Florian Douetteau

A talk given at FirstMark Data Driven NYC on April 11, 2016, by Florian Douetteau, Dataiku co-founder and CEO

Opinion, video, business | April 13, 2016 | Thomas Thus

13 Tips to Not Win a Data Hackathon, Every Time

Hackathons are the coolest. Where else do you get to thrive amongst your peers in an intensely competitive environment, where you can have fun, build a useful product, learn, meet people, and get...

Opinion, data science, fun | March 01, 2016 | Alivia Smith

SQL, R, and Python: Why Data Wrangling in ONLY Code is Inefficient

So everyone knows the oh-so-popular statement that a data scientist spends 50 to 80% of his time cleaning and preparing his data before he even starts looking for insights in it. I mean everyone’s...

Opinion, Data Preparation, data science | February 24, 2016 | Alivia Smith

A User Marketer Asks: Why Is Nobody Talking About User Marketing?

Everyone in the startup universe knows that everything they do should be centered on the user. So why isn’t "user marketing" a thing yet? Is it because no one is doing it?

Users, Opinion, Corporate | January 19, 2016 | Alivia Smith

The Long Journey Across Technoslavia


My grandmother was born in a country called Yugoslavia. As you may know, Yugoslavia was one country with seven borders, six republics, five nationalities, four languages, three religions, and...

Opinion, Corporate, Technology | November 18, 2015 | Florian Douetteau

Diving into the Data Sea, or Confessions of a New Sales Manager

Hi, I’m Anne Sophie Roessler and I recently joined Dataiku’s business development team.

Before that, I worked in opera for 4 years... as a singer! And now I am in big data. I can already hear you...

Opinion, sales, Corporate | September 20, 2015 | Anne-Sophie Roessler

Student Sponsored by Dataiku for the Data Science Game Contest

Hello everyone!

Below you’ll find an interview of Ardalan Mehrani, member of  team Madatascience at the last Data Science Game contest. He met Matthieu Scordia, data scientist at Dataiku, in a...

Interview, Opinion, Corporate | July 09, 2015 | Solange Mendy

The Human-Data Interface

Where does data live? How do the people behind data-driven solutions talk to this data? What technologies help them in the process? Check out this infographic for some answers...

Opinion, Technology, business | July 07, 2015 | Pauline Brown

The Three (or Four) Ways to Create a Big Data Startup

Imagine waking up one morning with the dream of creating a big data startup. It's easy!

Opinion, big data, Corporate | May 07, 2015 | Florian Douetteau

How To Expand Your Business Internationally When You're A French Start-Up

Florian Douetteau (Dataiku’s CEO and Co-Founder) recently set foot in New York City to start planning Dataiku’s next challenge: creating the company’s first US entity in the Big Apple.

Opinion, business, start-up | March 26, 2015 | Thomas Thus

Using Dataiku to Teach the Basics of Data Science

A few months ago, Benjamin Thomas, an Innovation Consultant at Wax Interactive and a marketing professor, decided to introduce the concepts of data preparation and data science to his students....

Opinion, data science, business | November 27, 2014 | Marc

When is ‘Big Data’ Really ‘Big’?

As I’m involved in the startup ecosystem, I meet a lot of startups who work with data. Every week, people ask me the same question: “Is the volume of data I’m dealing with big enough to be called...

Opinion, data science, connected sensors | June 18, 2014 | Florian Douetteau
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