Dataiku is partnering with Epidemium’s Challenge4Cancer

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Hey everyone, my name is Romain Doutriaux, and I am Dataiku’s Solution Marketing Manager. Today, I’d like to show you how you can contribute to cancer research. Introducing Challenge4Cancer, launched by Epidemium on November 5th, 2015. Let’s go!

Dataiku and Epidemium involved in data analytics challenges

Dataiku is proud to reinforce its involvement in health issues by partnering with Epidemium’s Challenge4Cancer, a scientific initiative aiming at developing data-driven projects in cancer epidemiology.

Epidemium is a scientific research program created by Roche and the Community reference laboratory La Paillasse. Together, Roche and La Paillasse want to promote open scientific research in the field of cancer epidemiology through data challenges, using open datasets. That’s why Epidemium initiated the Challenge4Cancer.

Challenge4Cancer: a collaborative data-driven challenge

Challenge4Cancer will start on the November 5th, 2015 and will last for 6 months, during which contestants will test and deploy epidemiology projects. The challenge aims at breaking down the barriers between various competency profiles. The goal: favoring a global approach to guide the execution of data-driven cancer epidemiology projects.

Epidemium will give its contestants an experts’ panel guidance and backing as well as access to datasets and tools.

Join Challenge4Cancer Now

Health and Dataiku: a lasting love story

There are a few places where information is more crucial than in the pharma and healthcare industry, where data, and misuse of it, can literally mean the difference between life and death.

That’s why Dataiku’s DSS is widely used by pharmaceutical companies, healthcare payers, and healthcare providers. From no-show predictions to disease management, DSS offers its users a lever to optimize efficiency and maximize care outcomes.

As an example, click here to see how DSS can help predict breast cancer metastasis.

Data Science Studio collaborative features to help contestants

Dataiku is a proud partner of Challenge4Cancer. The Community Edition of Dataiku’s DSS is available to each Challenge4Cancer contestant so as to let them test, deploy, and automate their Big Data projects.

DSS’s collaborative features will allow any team member to share his or her work and insights on a common platform using the tools they know best. DSS’s intuitiveness will also be a major asset to train and empower beginners while allowing experts to increase their productivity.

By now, Epidemium is still looking for anyone interested to join the challenge. So, if you think data can improve health issues, and that everyone should be able to tackle such issues, you are more than welcome to join Challenge4Cancer. Join Now.

Don’t forget to have a look at Epidemium’s facebook page, where you will find every practical detail on Challenge4Cancer as well as next meetup events organized by Epidemium.

Take care.

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