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Responsible AI on the Ground

It’s easy to talk about data ethics in science-fiction hypotheticals. However, Asimov’s Laws and imagined trolley problems are only thought exercises; when building machine learning models, data...

* Data Basics, * Scaling AI | October 10, 2019 | Claire Carroll

ML-Based Stock Optimization & the Top Three Things Retailers Should Avoid

In a rapidly digitizing retail space, small differences have the potential to give retailers the competitive edge they need to thrive. Stock optimization enables retailers to give customers an...

* Use Cases & Projects | October 09, 2019 | Claire Carroll

Solving the Data Science Talent Shortage

Data and AI talent is notoriously hard to hire. Not only is there a general disparity between available and needed talent; there is also the fact that the fancy data scientists with the PhDs tend...

* Scaling AI | October 07, 2019 | Lynn Heidmann

Test Your Skills With A Data Science Crossword

Data scientists are busy people, but that doesn't mean they don't have time for fun! We've created a data science crossword that melds work and play, so try it out!

* Data Basics | October 04, 2019 | Claire Carroll

Leveraging Web Logs to Build Custom Google Analytics

Google Analytics is so seamless that users rarely consider running the analytics themselves. But the advantages to building custom tools to analyze web logs are numerous, including the ability to...

* Use Cases & Projects, * Dataiku Product | October 03, 2019 | Jeremy Greze

Managing Risk in Data Projects

In 2018, O’Reilly conducted a survey regarding the stage of machine learning adoption in organizations, and among the more than 11,000 respondents, almost half were still in the exploration phase....

* Scaling AI | October 02, 2019 | Lynn Heidmann

Increasing Opportunities for Queer Tech Talent

Fostering an inclusive culture is critical to success (and employee fulfillment). Pride celebrations may be fun, but persistent support of queerness is critical.

* Dataiku Company | September 26, 2019 | Hadrien Servy & Claire Carroll

Get Started with AI in Banking

Starting the path to AI can seem daunting for any business, and banking is no exception. But today's banks that have found success are able to start small and work their way up.

* Scaling AI | September 25, 2019 | Lynn Heidmann

Defining a Successful AI Project

As companies around the world look to get a jump on AI efforts, there’s one major question: with dozens of potential AI use cases but limited resources, how can organizations prioritize the right...

* Scaling AI | September 24, 2019 | Christina Hsiao

The Top 7 AI Adoption Challenges (& Their Solutions)

AI adoption requires a lot of cross-team engagement and collaboration, but the Return on Investment (ROI) is clear; according to PwC, AI has the potential to contribute $15.7 trillion to the...

* Data Basics, * Scaling AI | September 23, 2019 | Claire Carroll

AI for Retail and CPG in a Consumer-Driven Era

With AI and new technologies radically transforming the way consumers engage with brands, products, and services in our everyday lives, there’s hardly been a more exciting time to be in the retail...

* Scaling AI | September 20, 2019 | Nancy Koleva

How to Optimize Hospital Staffing and Improve Patient Care with AI

Global healthcare today is facing a clinician shortage crisis. Projections indicate that by 2030 demand for health workers will rise to 80 million, but the World Health Organization estimates...

* Use Cases & Projects | September 13, 2019 | Nancy Koleva

Machine Learning Applications for Banking Fraud Detection

Fraud detection is one of the most pressing issues in banking. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has logged millions of fraud-related complaints in the last five years; the scale of the problem is...

* Use Cases & Projects | September 12, 2019 | Claire Carroll

Data Science and AI at Scale: Make or Buy, In-House or Outsource?

In the world of data science, machine learning, and AI, there is no shortage of tools - both open source and commercial - available. This inevitably spurs the age-old software question of build...

* Scaling AI, * FEATURED | September 11, 2019 | Romain Fouache

Back to School: The Changing Role of Data in Education

With summer officially over and fall setting in, the back-to-school excitement abounds. I sat down with Josh Hewitt, Director of Academics at Dataiku, and Diane Igoche, Curriculum Development...

* Use Cases & Projects, * Dataiku Company | September 06, 2019 | Lynn Heidmann

Bringing the Human-Centered Touch to AI in Human Resources

AI will bring major benefits to HR, significantly broadening the reach of recruiters and allowing businesses to more effectively scour the Earth for high-quality job candidates. It offers the...

* Use Cases & Projects, * Scaling AI | September 05, 2019 | Lynn Heidmann

Top Use Cases for AI in Banking

Global business information provider IHS Markit predicts that the business value of artificial intelligence (AI) in banking will reach $300 billion by 2030. Here are some of the most promising use...

* Use Cases & Projects, * FEATURED | September 03, 2019 | Lynn Heidmann
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