How to Build a Successful Data Team, by Florian Douetteau - Dataiku's CEO

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During Connect Valencia 2016, Florian Douetteau, Dataiku co-founder and CEO, gave a talk on "How to Build a Successful Data Team"

Here is the recording:

Description of Florian Douetteau's presentation during Connect Valencia 2016

As you walk into your office on Monday morning, before you've even had a chance to grab a cup of coffee, your CEO asks to see you. He's worried: both customer churn and fraudulent transactions have increased over the past 6 months. As Data Manager, you have 6 months to solve this problem.

As Data Manager, you know the challenges ahead:

  • Multitudes of technology choices to make
  • Building a team and solving the skill-set disconnect
  • Data can be deceiving...
  • Figuring out what the successful data product must be

Florian works in the “data” field since 01’, back when it was not yet big. He worked in successful startups in search engine, advertising, and gaming industries, holding various data or CTO roles. He started Dataiku in 2013, his first venture as a CEO, with the goal of alleviating the daily pains encountered by data teams all around.

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