How Dataiku Integrates With Microsoft Products To Form A Complete Data Platform

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Hi, I’m Rob, and I head up Product Marketing here at Dataiku. Today I’d like to talk about a topic relevant to many of you out there: Microsoft products and how Dataiku DSS integrates with them.

First, here's the video:

One of the advantages to the Microsoft ecosystem is just how comprehensive it is. From Azure to HDInsight to Power BI, there are many ways Microsoft can enhance your experience of working with data. And the good news from our end is that Dataiku DSS seamlessly integrates with just about the whole Microsoft suite.

An Integration for a Complete Data Platform

The video above explains the various ways Dataiku DSS integrates with Microsoft products to form a complete data platform. We use an example that walks through most of these integrations -- and I highly recommend that you watch it! -- but let me give you the main points right here:

  • All Microsoft data sources, including Excel, CSV, SQL Data Warehouse and (soon) Azure Blob storage are compatible with Dataiku DSS
  • Thanks to an Azure template, Dataiku DSS can automatically deploy an edge node on HDInsight
  • Any predictions (or other scoring) created from models within Dataiku DSS can be operationalized and visualized via SQL in Power BI
  • Dataiku is available on the Azure Marketplace

Dataiku DSS, Microsoft, and Mosquitos

In the video, we use an example of a mosquito-tracking model to demonstrate the integrations between Dataiku DSS and Microsoft. It’s a real example, too -- in recent years, mosquitos have brought the West Nile Virus to Chicago (and other places in North America), and we can use data science in order to predict (with real-time data) where the virus will spread to.

We show the full process of importing the data sets, building the model, and creating custom visualizations, all using the combined power of Microsoft and Dataiku DSS.

We would love to hear about your experiences using this powerful combination, so do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question you'd like to ask!

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