10 Best EGG Talks of 2019: Watch Them (Again!)

Dataiku Company Nancy Koleva

2019 was our most egg-citing year so far: over 3,000 people joined us in 6 cities around the world for EGG, the unique AI conference bringing together a global community of data professionals around the topic of human-centered, ethical, and responsible AI.

This year's EGG season may have come to an end, but don't despair! While you wait impatiently for next year's dates and cities to be announced, take a moment to remember some of this year's best EGG talks, and the inspiring humans who made them happen!

#10: Toward Ethical AI: Inclusivity as a Messy, Difficult, but Promising Answer

#9: Formula for Success: AI + Human Intuition = Differentiated Insights

#8: Are You Vulnerable to Adversarial Machine Learning?

#7: A Glance at ADA, Aviva’s Algorithmic Decision Agent

#6: Online Conversion Modeling Combining CRM Data and Online Behavior DPG Media

#5: From Silos to Self-Service: Data Transformation at GE Aviation

#4: The AI Experts You Need are Right Beneath Your Nose

#3: How to Make a Success of Data Science: Rendezvous Architecture for Data Science

#2: Augmented Human Intelligence

#1: The 7 Powers of Machine Learning


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