Join Over 120 Financial Institutions Working With Us

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Each financial services firm is unique, but many of them share a set of fundamental challenges. Whether they are operating in South America, Europe, or the Indian Subcontinent, they need to stay on top of the same basic requirements — from ESG implementation to risk management. 

We don't like to brag, truly. But over the past ten years we've worked hard to help FSI institutions harness the power of their data to tackle the most common industry challenges and headaches. Whether working with fraud teams to better detect credit card fraud, with anti-money laundering teams to better head off money laundering, or with data teams to implement governance infrastructures for their model development processes, we've built the trust of over 120 financial services firms across 15 of the world's major countries.

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Whether you work in asset management, fintech, or retail banking, there's more you can be doing to leverage your data. There's no time like the present to join the long list of institutions who are getting ahead on their AI and advanced analytics projects — with a little help from Dataiku!

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