Pronouncing Dataiku

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Dataiku isn’t easy to pronounce but it certainly manages to break the ice.

The scenario usually plays out like this: first comes the “Can you repeat that please”, followed by our attempted French-accent-tinted-over-pronunciation of Dataiku, syllable by syllable*. Then comes the sceptical “Data[indistinct mumbling]?” or “Hum, and what does that mean?” Yes, our trip to California has been enriching on many levels. One of which is the confirmation that most people can’t pronounce Dataiku on the first try.

*hint: DAH-TAH-eeee-QUE

Pronouncing Dataiku

So, how do you pronounce Dataiku?

Before we go into pronunciation, let’s find out where the name comes from. Dataiku is a “portmanteau” word combining Data - information that is produced or stored by a computer - and Haiku - a very short and structured form of Japanese poetry.

For the people and organizations behind data projects, the process leading to a final data application is often fastidious, hard, and very long. Sometimes the multiple tools that help data scientists do their job can actually make the process longer and less efficient. They clean their data here, they visualize it there, create models somewhere else, and finally need to stitch it all together before deploying their app. Haïkus, on the other hand, emphasize straightforwardness and structure. They are also renowned for their soothing simplicity. At Dataiku, we believe that’s what data projects should look and feel like to the organizations and people behind them: a structured process, a single flow, from start to finish.

As far as pronunciation goes, hopefully “data” + “haïku” helps. I won’t give any more hints than that… because if everyone pronounces it right on the first try, we’ll have to come up with another icebreaker.

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