Three (Easy) Ways To Join the Dataiku Team

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We're  is growing and looking to recruit across all of our teams: Sales, data science, R&D, SDR, marketing, you name it!

If you're interested, look no further. You can find the detailed list of profiles we're looking for here.

If you have the right skills, and if you're ready for a real startup adventure, then go ahead and apply!

You have three fast and effective ways to give you the maximum chance of being recruited.

Come see us at an event!

We're a very busy team so we go to lots and lots of events. You can find them here.

Drop by to say a word. It could be the first step to a love story! We also like recruiting people we've met and like, just saying.


Join Us At a Meetup!

We organize lots of meetups druing the year, for our users and everyone else. Whether you're more of a tecky or a businessy person, coome say hi! These casual events are a great opportunity to meet our team. Youc an find them on the Meetup site.

Apply directly by email

The last way to send in your application is simple: just send an email to and tell us which team you're looking to join.

We also invite you to follow us on our Twitter, our Linkedin and our Facebook

We regularly communicate about new openings and events via the above channels, so stay in touch!

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