Tragedy Strikes at Dataiku - the Cat Ate the Bird

Dataiku Company Alivia Smith

The whole team is extremely saddened to announce the death of its mascot, our beloved blue bird, in a tragic accident involving local cat terror, Fluffy.

A Tragic Incident

As he was completing his morning routine of monitoring his models’ drift in DSS 3.0, he found himself face to face with an ill-intended intruder. He fought well, but his cries for help were heard to late and Patrice could do nothing as he interrupted the villain.

cate ate dataiku

Remembering Blue Bird

In these tragic times, we mustn't be held back by our sorrow, but rather remember and cherish those times we were lucky to share with Blue Bird.

Blue Bird and the team and Big Data Paris

This is how he will be remembered, surrounded with love and laughter, not even a month ago at Big Data Paris, with Margot, Lara, Pauline and Paul-Henri.

Introducing cataiku

Having lost this fundamental part of our identity, we have been forced to rebrand consequently. Therefore, we are introducing our new brand name and logo : Cataiku.


Our developers shared their office with Blue Bird and are particularly grief-stricken, as expected. They will be progressively updating Cataiku DSS and this site to roll-out our new brand identity.

The team at Cataiku


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