The Dataiku Academic Program: Resources for Academics and Researchers

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It’s about time we sat down and told you a little bit about our Academic Program.

Why Do We Have An Academic Program?

Easy - Our goal at Dataiku is to help people everywhere grow their data analysis and predictive modeling skills.
An essential way of doing that is to provide free licenses for our software to academics and researchers, as well as for personal learning.

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Who Is The Academic Program for?

Our Academic Program is for teachers, students, and researchers, as well as anyone involved in an educational institution.

More importantly, it’s for superstar data scientists as well as business majors. The visual interface helps users learn to code using R, SQL, Python, or Scala, as well as big data languages like Hive, Pig, SparkR, PySpark, or Impala.

It’s also great for non-coding profiles who want to build whole data projects, from connecting to data sources to cleaning and enriching the prepared data, and even to training machine learning algorithms and automating the whole process.

What Do You Get In The Academic Program?

You get a license for our data science platform, allowing you to work on all your data projects, in addition to support and teaching resources.

That means:

  • An enterprise data science software for data teams to work on big data technologies
  • Native integration to open source data science technologies (R, Python, SQL, and Scala recipes, Jupyter notebooks, Hadoop, Spark etc.)
  • Advanced code-free data preparation and machine learning processors for accelerated learning
  • Find out more about the tool

The Dataiku Academic Program Is For You:

  • If you’re a teacher who wants to encourage complex group projects with or without big data databases
  • If you’re teaching a course for data beginners and want them to build skills even if they aren’t into coding
  • If you’re a student with a project involving data
  • If you’re doing research and want a platform that helps you spend less time on data cleansing and more time on the fun stuff
  • If you’re an institution looking to give students easy access to big data technologies

And everyone in between!

Fill out the form on our landing page to get your license now and join the community.


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