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Dataiku & TableauOur goal here at Dataiku is to help people everywhere grow their expertise and confidence with data. A vital part of this is being able to integrate easily with Tableau, making you a Tableau Power User.

First, here's the video:

Tableau helps you to see and think with your data, and Dataiku DSS gives you the power to use Tableau with bigger and messier data on your own.

We’ve worked hard to create a very simple integration between Dataiku and Tableau -- just save your work in Dataiku in a Tableau TDE file, and voila! -- so that you can spend less time on accessing, preparing, and manipulating data, and spend more time on visualizing, analyzing, and even developing new predictive metrics in Tableau.

Stop Asking Other People for Data

When we rely on others to connect to and prepare our data, we are limited in what we can do in Tableau.

The wait time and lack of transparency into the data cleaning process can be frustrating. Dataiku DSS gives you the power to use Tableau on bigger and messier data on your own. Thanks to its visual interface, you can access, prepare, and manipulate your data without having to write a single line of code. That means less time requesting and waiting, and more time visualizing and analyzing on Tableau.

An easy integration with Tableau

In the video above, we show you just how easily Dataiku DSS integrates with Tableau. See how we can quickly and powerfully prepare some data, save as a Tableau file, and open in Tableau. We can even save to a Tableau server and automate reports and dashboards. 

We’ll be at the Tableau conference this week in Austin.  You might also be interested in this blog post, "Why Data Visualization and Dashboards Matter." 

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