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3 Ways to Speed Data Prep

Data Basics, Dataiku Product Robert Kelley

Dataiku is known primarily as a machine learning and data science platform, but its user-friendly approach to data preparation makes it a great tool for users who need to speed data prep and analyze datasets that are too big to fit in Excel, even if they have no need to build and deploy machine learning models.

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Dataiku uses a visual interface to present data and analysis options in a simple and replicable way, so you can prepare and analyze the biggest datasets on your own, and save time in the process.

To demonstrate how data preparation works in Dataiku, we’ve made a series of videos as part of our Dataiku Academy project. Today, let’s look at three of these videos that highlight the Prepare Recipe — a powerful and fast solution to some of the most common and important data prep problems.

Speed Data Prep: Basics


The first video shows the basics of the Prepare Recipe, including the “script” (which makes it easy to replicate a set of steps on a new or updated dataset), the quick analysis of fields with just one click, and adding new columns to the dataset.

Speed Data Prep: Formulas


The second video shows how formulas (just like in Excel) can be used to perform analysis in Dataiku.

Speed Data Prep: Parse Dates


And the third recipe explains one of our favorite features -- parsing dates (which, humble brag, Dataiku does much, much better than Excel).

Go ahead and watch, and if you haven’t yet played with Dataiku yourself, go ahead and check out our gallery of sample projects.

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