5 Value-Driven Benefits That Meaningfully Impact Our Culture

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At Dataiku, our culture isn’t just an aspiration, it’s an inspiration. We carefully selected six core values to help shape our culture and inspire how we treat every person at every level of the company. These values also help along our journey of building a great and fulfilling place to work:

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We are happy to see that, so far, Dataikers seem to enjoy the culture we’ve built with these values — based on the results of an employee survey, Dataiku was recently recognized by Inc. as one of the Best Workplaces in America for 2022. Curious to know how these values translate into practice? 

Our global benefits are just one of the ways we encourage Dataikers to live our values each day. In addition to the average list of benefits you’d find at most companies, we offer even more benefits that are unique to Dataiku and show what truly matters to us. Let’s take a closer look at five of these unique global benefits that help us live our values. 

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Different Working Modes for a Work-Life Balance That Suits Each Dataiker

Dataiku encourages employees to find their own balance when it comes to their working hours and working location. While we have always welcomed remote work (even before the global health crisis), 2021 saw a record number of employees hired into fully remote positions — 38% to be exact! And to further allow employees to find the right work-life balance for them, we also offer a “work from anywhere” policy that allows employees to work from anywhere they choose for up to four weeks per year.

ERGs That Celebrate Diversity of People & Perspective

Building a future where AI can be used to fight unconscious bias and promote more fair outcomes for all starts with the people behind our product. It is important to us that, as Dataiku grows, we match the levels of diversity, equity, and inclusion that we’d like to see in the world. 

While this work is never truly finished, we are taking steps to ensure that everyone feels comfortable bringing their true selves to work. Our employee-led Diversity Equity & Inclusion Advisory Council works closely with leadership on all global diversity initiatives, and we also have four Employee Resource Groups that meet regularly to support the following groups:

  • DatAble: Helps caregivers and employees living with disabilities, or health conditions 
  • Convergence: Increases awareness among Dataikers about different cultures
  • EmpoWer: Represents women at all levels and job functions at Dataiku
  • Queer Dataikers: Fosters a strong LGBTQIA+ ally base within the organization

Global In-Person Gatherings to Further Cultivate Accountable Camaraderie

If you ask any Dataiker what they like most about working at Dataiku, chances are they’ll tell you it’s the people. We love to gather Dataikers in person for learning, camaraderie and fun throughout the year, whether it’s at the team, office, or regional level. Malta, Morocco, and Spain are some of the sunny destinations Dataikers were lucky enough to visit for Dataiku kickoffs over the past few years. Most recently, our March 2022 kickoff was in Huelva, Spain.

Friday Universities to Feed Our Dedication for Learning

With a company so diverse, there’s always something new we can learn from each other. Our learning and development team tries to make learning something new both easy and fun!  Each week, they host a “Friday University” session where employees from all over the company can volunteer to give a lesson on a multitude of topics from technical (History of Data Science) to personal (navigating transitions) to cultural (Korean culture classes). Friday universities are only available internally but if you’re eager to learn about data science, check out our Academy

Ikig.AI Volunteering Time Off to Build Conscious Long-Term Responsibility 

We created our Ikig.AI (AI for good) program to encourage all employees to give back to the causes they care about. Each Dataiker receives two paid volunteer days to use however they like each year. In 2021, over a third of Dataikers used 536 days of paid time to volunteer with nonprofits. Amazing projects such as the one we initiated with the Ocean Cleanup exist thanks to the generosity and dedication of Dataikers. 

In addition to the values and benefits listed above, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention our sixth value of tolerance and open-mindedness. While this value does not necessarily tie in with any specific benefit, we celebrate it in other ways such as weekly 1:1s with managers and company challenge competitions.

So there you have it! A glance at some of the benefits that we believe makes our culture unique and alive. While it can be challenging at times to maintain culture through periods of such rapid growth, we’ve found that our commitment to living our values makes the task a little easier. And we hope it helps us achieve our goal of creating a place where talented people will choose to build their career over a long time.

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