Alteryx Going Private: Moving Analytics to the GenAI Era

Dataiku Company Florian Douetteau

The data, analytics, and AI space is in a state of perpetual motion and upheaval, and nothing encapsulates that better than Alteryx’s acquisition announcement this week. Make no mistake: This is a wake-up call.

It’s a wake-up call not only for companies that may find themselves in a situation that will be — at best — dicey, with uncertain levels of support, product development, etc., and at worst, catastrophic at a moment where the ability to execute on data use cases has never been more in the spotlight.

This is also a wake-up call for any company that is thinking about their data, analytics, and AI future. This market will continue to grow and shift with considerable uncertainty. At the same time, developments in Generative AI have upped the ante for turning data into not just actionable insights, but AI applications and services. There is a real call for action and sense of urgency.

But let’s not be naïve: The technological developments in the world of Generative AI won’t stand still either. There are new algorithms, new companies, new [fill in the blank] every week. How can we build real AI use cases — much less modernize our analytics stack — off of a baseline and technology that is constantly shifting, you might be asking? One thing that’s for certain is if you wait until the market settles, you’ll be 10 years too late. 

The Dataiku Promise

Dataiku has been a major player in the data space since 2013, standing the test of time through successive waves of new technologies. No matter what the underlying tech du jour, Dataiku remains the central orchestration layer. 

From the very beginning, Dataiku has prioritized:

A Cloud-First Approach

Dataiku runs on-premises or in the cloud, with supported instances on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure and integrating with native storage and computational layers for each cloud. In addition, Dataiku Cloud provides a fully hosted SaaS option built for the modern cloud data stack. In 2023, Dataiku received three partner of the year awards from the biggest and most influential names in data and AI: Snowflake, Databricks, and AWS.

Generative AI Readiness

When it comes to being prepared for the future AI, thinking about one central platform that can enable enterprise-grade applications while addressing concerns related to cost management, compliance, and technological dependencies is paramount.  Organizations that succeed in the next wave of AI will make Generative AI a pervasive force throughout the organization.

Governance & Collaboration

As your company moves from analytics to scaling its AI footprint, centralized program oversight is crucial for maintaining visibility and reducing risk, especially in the age of Generative AI. Dataiku is the only platform that allows for safe scaling of analytics and AI initiatives alike with oversight and the ability to prioritize the data projects and models that deliver the most value. Plus,  in Dataiku, non-coders and coders are both first-class citizens so that anyone — regardless of their role — can simultaneously contribute to data projects in a shared space. When it comes to governance, having everything under one roof is critical.

Not Our First Rodeo

Maybe you’re one of the companies that has made an investment in technology that is now not only outmoded by larger aspirations (e.g., AI and Generative AI) but also facing a dubious future. Or maybe you’re simply rethinking an analytics upgrade to a more modern stack, one that’s not only more aligned with investments in the cloud, but that is also more aligned with executives’ Generative AI aspirations and the roller coaster of upcoming regulatory changes.

Dataiku has helped hundreds of customers make the switch and get closer to the promise of Everyday AI. Our extensive partner network means that we — and you — are not alone in what can be a daunting undertaking. 


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