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As interest and participation in on-demand training across the globe continues to rise, we at Dataiku wanted to find new ways for our customers and users to get the information they need when — and how — they want. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Dataiku Academy, our set of in-depth online video courses and certificate programs.


What Is Dataiku Academy?

Dataiku Academy is our learning and certification platform for free, on-demand courses. The new Dataiku Academy gives users an interactive learning experience with video-rich content, guiding them through their Dataiku journey with Learning Paths, which include not only how-tos, but tips and tricks for the best ways to use Dataiku. The experience compliments Dataiku Community, making it possible to track progress and share expertise across Dataiku learning resources. Users can also share their progress and expertise directly on LinkedIn. 

Dataiku Academy offers two ways of accessing learning materials:

  • For those that need just-in-time training on a specific Dataiku feature, the Course Catalog has a browsable and searchable database of all courses and lessons.
  • For those interested in a guided course of study, the Learning Paths provide a curriculum to follow and assessments that lead to achievement certificates.

Dataiku Academy: The Place To... 

  • Discover a wealth of knowledge on the Dataiku platform.
  • Learn at your own pace with detailed concept videos and step-by-step, hands-on tutorials! Become an expert on Dataiku, from your first steps with the product to advanced usage and administration.
  • dataiku-academy-core-designer-certification-badgeGet Certified on your journey by following our brand new learning paths from Core Designer to Solution Architect! Our certificate program is backed by assessments to prove your expertise. Celebrate your achievements with badges that are shareable on LinkedIn and the Dataiku Community.


What Learning Paths Are Available?

The Core Designer Learning Path and Certification are available right now. In the coming weeks and months, we'll be integrating additional courses into the other Learning Paths in order to make the advanced certifications self-paced and accessible to everyone.

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