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Celebrating 1 Year of Learning & Growth With the Dataiku Community

Dataiku Company Kerri Williams

This week marks the one year anniversary of the official public launch of our Dataiku Community platform. To learn about the Community experience from those who contributed to this success and how you might also benefit from becoming a member, read on!

Dataiku community

First and foremost, we’re thankful that, despite global events, it was still an incredible year for our users and our broader community. We saw a 10x increase in activity from our previous Q&A forum. 

“Congratulations on the new Dataiku Community, it's better and also more useful than [Dataiku] DSS Answers... and the UX is very good.”

What’s driving this growth, you ask?

  • All of the great programs launched for Dataiku DSS users, including user groups and online events connecting data professionals worldwide.
  • The active contributions of questions asked and answered in our discussion forums.

"After a short tutorial, I jumped into a real project and at some points I got stuck, so I decided to give it a shot and check if there is a Community and that would be responsive. It turns out that for most of my questions, I've received the answer.”

  • Our Neurons program (one of our biggest achievements this year!) designed to recognize our fantastic top contributors as they invest their time and energy in helping us grow this space.

Dataiku neurons

“Most of the time, I simply searched and discovered that some else already had the same issues resolved. So I just followed along. While for the remaining, I'd probably post them on the forum...90% of the time a Dataiker would come to my rescue, if not a fellow user would come to help me out.” 

If you haven’t joined already, be sure to head over to the Dataiku Community and register to be part of this experience with them! Thank you again for such a great year and we’re looking forward to all that is to come in 2021.

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