Combating the Top Challenges of Retail and CPG With Dataiku

Use Cases & Projects, Dataiku Product Joy Looney

The retail and CPG industries have been undeniably rocked by the recent global health crisis. Whether from the bottlenecking of supply chain flows, disruption of demand projections, or other problems, the issues that resulted from this intense instability, along with existing challenges in the sector, have pushed retail and CPG organizations to turn to AI applications for solutions. The next step for retailers is now identifying which specific AI platforms will meet their needs. 

Here enters Dataiku — the all-in-one platform that helps retailers with use cases across their value chain, from supply optimization to customer engagement. 

Not only is Dataiku equipped with the capabilities to combat common challenges, but Dataiku is the unique and flexible platform with the ability to transform these traditional pain points into areas of extreme value generation. From churn prevention and operationalization at scale to improving predictive strategy and understanding marketing acquisition, we explore a vast variety of use cases in which Dataiku has already proved its utility and hear from the Dataiku users currently reaping benefits from the platform’s agility. 

Dataiku for Retail and CPG (final v2) (2)

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