Dayananda Sagar University India: Creating Tomorrow’s Business Leaders with Dataiku

Dataiku Company Hannah Saraydeen

The Dataiku Academic Program is focused on bringing a practical understanding of data analytics and decision-making to the leaders of tomorrow across a range of business and technical subjects. Our recent partnership with Dayananda Sagar University (DSU) is just another step in achieving this mission in India, this time bringing a modern, machine learning-driven mindset to accounting, auditing, human resources (HR), finance, and agriculture.DATAIKU_STILL_WD16


Dayananda Sagar University India SealIn the context of India’s growing economy, data analysis is becoming a mandatory skill for professionals, even — and especially — those outside of traditional technical domains. MBA programs at DSU are designed to incorporate new technologies and management practices — they are one of the few universities in India with specialized MBA programs covering many aspects of data science, business analytics, and AI.

The Dean, Prof. (Capt.) Nagaraj Rao and Professor HN Shankar, School of Commerce & Management Studies at DSU, are passionate about creating business leaders who are comfortable with data, making Dataiku (with its user-friendly, code-free interface for non-technical profiles) a natural fit with the university’s MBA programs.

“From concept ideation, traceability of workflows, various data input compatibility, cataloging and reusability of functions, AI, ML and ability to integrate with UI paths and to serve as a platform, [Dataiku] is an excellent platform for our faculty and the students.”
— DSU Professor HN Shankar


While fields like finance, accounting, and auditing have always been data-driven, in many ways, they’ve been slower to adopt the latest technologies, including machine learning. Through Dataiku, DSU students have the opportunity to experiment and work on projects in these finance-related fields as well as in HR management and recruiting, supply chain management, and agriculture.

This diversity in topics guarantees students understand the importance of data-driven decision-making across teams, domains, and industries. Students learn how to identify the metrics that need to be measured, run experiments, understand statistical terms, and create effective charts and visuals for communicating data insights back to the business.

“Training with [Dataiku] gives better insights to the students about data-dependent systems for securing optimal results, which helps in timely, accurate, clean, unbiased, and better decision making. It also helps the students to know the importance of any data change and its impact.”
— Dr. K.N.B. Murthy, DSU Vice-Chancellor

What's Next: The First Indian User Group on the Dataiku Community

To bring together Dataiku Community users in India, foster increased connections, and share knowledge, the Dataiku community launched the first Indian user group. DSU will join us on the 29th of June at 7 PM IST for the first virtual event on this user group to discuss and share their take on inclusive AI plus industry applications with Dataiku. To learn more about this event and to get notified about future events, register here.

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