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Four Ways to Dive into New Product Releases

Dataiku Product Claire Carroll

New product releases are exciting, but can also come with some amount of confusion; how will the tool you know and love change? Will your workflow need tweaking? And most importantly, how will you learn to use new features fluently? We looked at the four best ways to focus your exploration and take advantage of new feature releases.


4. Video Tutorials

When you want a quick, visual explanation of a new feature or topic, video tutorials are your best bet. Usually clocking in at a minute long, the video provide a great overview of what to expect from a new feature and what navigation looks like. While you won't become an expert in a minute, these tutorials can help focus your learning to the features that will matter most to you.


3. Weekly Product Demo

If you want a bit more in-depth exploration of the tool, our product demo is available every Wednesday, and explores the tool in real time. Ask any questions you might have, and see how you can expand your skillset within Dataiku DSS. 

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ge aviation airplane

2. Use Cases

Dive into the ways Dataiku DSS has empowered other data-driven organizations like Unilever,  Santander, and GE, check out a use case. They help show how to tackle business challenges by offering the subsequent solutions. These use cases represent real-world guides that can help empower data transformations.  

get the white paper: ge aviation's data transformation

1. Documentation

For a complete understanding of new product releases and the functionality that they include, check out the release notes in the documentation. The docs get into the weeds of the product, all the way down to the implementation level. Once you've got the big picture from videos and demos, this is the most comprehensive and technical way to learn about new releases, and a great way to level-up your understanding.

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