Doing Data Science with Dataiku and Vertica

Dataiku Product Robert Kelley

Many Dataiku customers use Vertica, the powerful SQL database management software, as the engine on which to run Dataiku. This makes sense, because not only is it easy to get started with Dataiku on Vertica, it's also a very powerful combination for running data science. 

We made a short video that highlights some of the advantages of combining Dataiku and Vertica. In our demo, we show you how simple it is to:

  • Push all data and calculations into Vertica.
  • Write SQL statements using both Dataiku's visual interface as well as code notebooks. 
  • Run charts in-database.
  • Use Vertica's machine learning capabilities directly inside Dataiku.

Enjoy the video, and don't hesitate to explore this combination yourself: 

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