EGG2017: Innovate. Get Ahead. Disrupt. And Embrace Unconventionality.

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Today, we’re officially unveiling EGG2017, Dataiku’s first large-scale data science and analytics conference. With EGG2017, our aim is to bring together pioneers and visionaries of the data ecosystem to welcome and accelerate the next generation of truly data-driven decision making for the enterprise.


But this isn’t just any corporate data science or analytics conference - after all, we’ve named it EGG. Why EGG? Because we pride ourselves on breaking free from conventionality. A data science conference called EGG - yes, that is unconventional. After all, what great idea ever hatched from doing what’s expected?

Sounds Egg-cellent, But Can You Be More Specific?

Sure! Specifically, EGG2017 will be about:

  • Real use cases from real data teams at real companies, from startups to large enterprises and Fortune 500s.
  • Bringing together leaders in analytics, data science, and machine learning.
  • Best practices of productive and scalable data teams across industries.
  • Practical insight and concrete next steps to going from raw data to insights and predictions.
  • Providing a variety of formats, from presentations to hands-on breakout sessions.


Have We Piqued Your Interest?

Great! Here’s some high-level logistical details. You can also find more on the EGG2017 site:

  • November 30, 2017
  • Day-long event (8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.)
  • In New York City


  • Morning sessions and panel discussions by Fortune 100 Industry Leaders on scaling data analytics across the enterprise.
  • Afternoon sessions in two separate tracks:
    • Data Science for Experts: Attendees will deep dive into topics running from Infrastructure and Security to automation and AI to Graph Analytics and Deep Learning.
    • When Data Science & Business Collide: Sessions here will explore real-life business applications in marketing, retail, banking, insurance, and manufacturing.


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