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Forrester TEI Study Shows How Dataiku Can Drive 423% ROI Over 3 Years

Scaling AI Lynn Heidmann

When it comes to building a modern AI platform, we've said before that organizations shouldn’t spend time, energy and resources cobbling together tools across the AI lifecycle, which ultimately results in losing the larger picture of the full data pipeline (not to mention adds technical debt). Instead, investing in an end-to-end platform for AI provides advantages like cost savings from reuse, smoother governance and monitoring, the ability to focus on implementing high-impact technologies, and more.

While this has always been Dataiku's philosophy, we're excited to share the results of The Total Economic Impact™ Of Dataiku (conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by Dataiku) that quantifies and solidifies some of these benefits that Dataiku customers experience.

Forrester-TEI-3D-cover “By having these reusable data pipelines and data products, [we have] streamlined our operational side of development. We’re talking about savings in the range of $4 million plus.”

Team Lead, Analytics Innovation, pharmaceutical company

→ Read the Study: The Total Economic Impact Of Dataiku

Here are just a few of the benefits highlighted in the study:

  • Increased data engineers and scientists’ productivity, amounting to over $8.4 million. This was the biggest benefit organizations identified. In the case of the composite organization, data engineers and data scientists save 75% of the time they previously spent on projects by using Dataiku.
  • Reduced costs for analytics tools and consultants, resulting in savings of over $3.2 million. Interviewees’ organizations highlighted cost savings from reducing legacy tools used for analytics and data science

  • Increased efficiency in reporting, amounting to over $735,000. The automation of manual, repeated tasks enabled operational efficiencies for interviewees’ organizations. A key area of impact was in reporting. In the case of the composite organization, Dataiku reduces 90% of the manual, repeated tasks involved in regular reporting.

Maximum Business Value from AI with Dataiku

Sure, Dataiku provides the technology, but our customer teams are also focused on helping organizations raise their AI maturity across all areas. These six drivers (see infographic below) are the cornerstone of our implementation and success strategies with customers, and we believe they are critical to getting maximum business value from AI in the long-term.

The Business Value Guide Infographic for Blog (PNG)

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