Get Started with AI in Banking

Scaling AI Lynn Heidmann

Starting the path to AI can seem daunting for any business, and banking is no exception. But today's banks that have found success are able to start small and work their way up.

That means often times the first steps aren’t sexy use cases or impressive technological feats in machine learning, but incremental changes that will set them up for future success. This infographic (and the accompanying white paper) suggests first-step initiatives for people, processes, and technology for getting started in which banks have found success.

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Go deeper with the full white paper that shows how to make the most of those building blocks to gear people, processes, and technology toward AI, including:

  • How to better leverage existing staff for AI initiatives - from risk to pricing, quants to actuaries.
  • How to get staff out of spreadsheets and pave the way to self-serve data.
  • How to work within the constraints of privacy regulations.
    ...and more!!

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