I Have Snowflake, Why Do I Need Dataiku?

Dataiku Product, Featured Patrick Masi-Phelps

Whether you're a small family business seeking a reliable data warehousing solution or a market giant leveraging data and AI for billions in potential upside, using Snowflake as the backbone of your enterprise data strategy makes perfect sense.

At Dataiku, we prioritize performance and user-friendliness, and Snowflake excels at both. However, many businesses struggle to fully utilize Snowflake because their employees lack SQL proficiency. Even high-performing data engineering teams can find it challenging to develop pipelines quickly using homegrown tools alongside Snowflake.

Enter Dataiku: The Perfect Complement to Snowflake

Dataiku is the user interface and workbench that brings together data professionals and subject matter experts to build production-grade analytics and AI applications. With features covering data preparation, machine learning (ML), Generative AI and large language models (LLMs), visualization, and deployment — all backed by Snowflake for data storage and compute — organizations can confidently cater to the needs of all users and use cases with these two tools.

snowflake and dataiku flow

Take Snowflake's word on the strength of our partnership. Dataiku won Snowflake's Machine Learning/AI Partner of the Year award for three consecutive years: 2021, 2022, and 2023. Continue reading to learn more about how Dataiku plus Snowflake brings unparalleled value to businesses.

snowflake partner of the year 2023

Empower Your Entire Organization

For businesses to truly become data-driven, everyone needs to be involved. Dataiku empowers non-technical users who understand their business, data, and have great ideas but lack coding skills. With Dataiku's visual tools on top of Snowflake compute, they can join Snowflake tables with billions of records, summarize customer reviews with LLMs on Snowflake Cortex, and automate these processes without writing code.

Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care (Thrive SPC) used Dataiku's visual tools on Snowflake to transition from scattered spreadsheets to a centralized, automated reporting data flow without hiring new data scientists.

Build Production-Grade ML and LLM Assets Quickly

For engineers and data scientists, Dataiku provides the flexibility needed to push boundaries. Users can manage virtual code environments, write custom Python (including Snowpark), R, and SQL scripts alongside Dataiku's visual tools. Dataiku integrates with IDEs like Jupyter, VSCode, and Sublime, and its APIs offer programmatic control for those averse to visual tools.

Air Canada's data scientists centralized data in Snowflake and built a parameterized post-marketing campaign analysis workflow in Dataiku, reducing the time for 12 analyses from two weeks to just three and a half hours.

Data scientists often struggle to productionalize models. Time spent building custom REST API endpoints for real time scoring could be spent investigating trends in data, training more models, and evaluating them for bias. Dataiku solves the "last-mile" challenge of pushing to production with separate design, staging, pre-prod, and prod automation environments, and two-click deployment of bundled projects and ML artifacts — saving valuable time for data scientists and devops teams.

Have Trust in AI — Without the Risks

For organizations that prioritize keeping data and compute in Snowflake, Dataiku's native connectors and in-database execution of jobs make this possible.

As Snowflake has expanded into ML and Generative AI, Dataiku has kept pace by introducing new integrations with Snowflake AI and ML services, providing an end-to-end platform with comprehensive Snowflake integrations at every step.

snowflake and dataiku platform

Dataiku's governance suite offers visibility into the entire data project lifecycle, ensuring all data and AI initiatives comply with organizational standards and regulatory requirements.

In today's competitive environment, organizations can struggle to realize value from their data infrastructure investments. With Dataiku on top of Snowflake, companies can democratize data analytics, speed up the work of their engineers, and maintain governance in AI systems.

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