Introducing Our New Data Science Blog

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Letting your kids grow up and leave home is a pain every parent must know. And that's kinda how we feel today, watching our data scientists go out into the wild and creating their own data science blog: data from the trenches.

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They're not leaving for good though, of course. They'll still be contributing great projects to our official blog and helping us along every step of all of our content creation. But they wanted to have a place of their own to actually get their hands dirty and share their work - code and results and all.

Here's how they put it:

"This is Data from the Trenches, and we’re here to take you down into the nitty gritty of the data science world. So welcome. We hope you’re ready to get your hands dirty (metaphorically speaking)."


And here's how it's gonna go down

  1. We’ll provide the kinds of content we’re always excited to find — articles with clear, reusable, and commentable code, articles that “unpack” the packages we use (and explain why we use them), articles that track our data sources (and make the data available when we can).
  2. We contribute to open-source data science — the more we all share our projects and our code, the faster we can all iterate, improve, and innovate.
  3. We’re super open to public feedback on our work and thinking and are excited to engage with you.
  4. We’ll strive to make the project and code easy to understand and its results reproducible.
  5. And rather than failing to mention how tedious a specific task was (or to mention the task at all), we’ll try hard to keep our posts intellectually honest: if the core part of the project was data cleaning or data labelling and not some fancy machine learning modeling, we’ll say so.

If you're ready to get on board, follow them on Medium at
data from the trenches or read their first article by Jorie Koster-Hale on Crime Prediction in Portland.

We're very excited to see where this is gonna take them - and we'll keep sharing simpler versions of their work here on our Dataiku blog.





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