IT Leaders: Benefits of Moving to Dataiku for Modern Analytics

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In a tough global macroeconomic climate with Generative AI rapidly changing the landscape, IT leaders are looking at their analytics platform investments with fresh eyes as they try to increase efficiency and integrate with new technologies. They need to ensure their analytics platform is not holding them back and can quickly adapt to the fast-paced nature of today's technological reality. 

In the previous blog post on this topic, we discussed key features Dataiku provides as a modern analytics platform empowering users and admins to find new efficiencies in their work. In this final blog post of the series, we focus specifically on how these platforms — namely, Dataiku — can help IT leaders. 


Benefits of a Modern Analytics Platform for IT Leaders

To summarize from previous blog posts, modern analytics platforms offer many advantages over traditional tools, including:

  • A web browser-based application
  • Data science for expert and novice users
  • Access to cloud data and computing
  • Ability to use the latest open-source algorithms and technologies
  • Collaboration for analytics and cross-functional teams
  • Scale to take on big datasets
  • An integrated, seamless experience for users

Let’s dive into some specific benefits for IT teams: 

Improved Performance 

Modern analytics platforms provide an integrated and collaborative environment for the variety of profiles needed to build and maintain projects, dramatically increasing project velocity and delivering more products to production where they can create value for the business. 

Modern analytics platforms are cloud-based, meaning they can leverage the scalability and performance of the cloud. This can significantly improve the performance of analytics teams and workloads. For example, a modern analytics platform can analyze large datasets in the cloud, which can be much faster than analyzing the same datasets on a local machine.

In addition, modern analytics platforms can also take advantage of accelerated computing resources, such as GPUs. This can further improve the performance of analytics workloads, such as machine learning training and inference.

💡Dataiku customer Standard Chartered Bank, for example, was able to take advantage of existing investments in infrastructure and go from 10 to 400 million rows of data.

Take Advantage of Cloud Investments 

In a recent survey, Dataiku found that 52% of business leaders use spreadsheets as their primary tool when working with data. When your company has made huge investments in cloud databases, but teams are still primarily using spreadsheets or desktop tools for data preparation and reporting tasks, your ROI is not being fully realized. Not to mention syncing credentials from desktop to server means you’re left with both the headache of maintaining those connections and the lack of visibility.

Modern analytics platforms are available on the cloud, with easy connections to cloud databases so that you can ensure more of your organization is taking advantage of all the investments you’ve made — or are planning to make in the future. 

💡According to one review on Gartner Peer Insights titled, "Why Dataiku Is the Best Tool for Any Team Wanting to Move Towards Cloud Enterprise" a data analyst in the energy and utilities industry said, “I love that the Dataiku platform is a web-based application (allowing to work in tandem with your team). Another big aspect is their integration and support for custom code. Lastly, the tool is extremely easy to pick up and start using, yet has so much depth, you can perform MLOperations.”

Increased Agility

Modern analytics platforms are designed to be agile and extensible. This means they can be seamlessly integrated with new data sources and systems. This makes it easy for organizations to analyze new data quickly and gain insights from their data. The flexibility to work with an ever-changing set of data sources, infrastructure providers, and AI algorithms is critical to the success of modern analytics.

Modern analytics platforms also provide access to the latest AI services, such as GPT-4 and Gemini. This enables organizations to quickly and easily deploy AI-powered analytics solutions.

💡For example, Dataiku customer Heraeus was able to take advantage of large language models (LLMs) through Dataiku to improve time spent identifying sales leads by 60%-70%.

Reduced Risk 

Modern analytics platforms store data in the cloud instead of on desktops, which provides several security benefits, including:

  • Data is encrypted at rest and in transit.
  • Data is backed up regularly.
  • Data is protected from unauthorized access.

Storing data in the cloud also reduces the risk of data loss due to hardware failure, employee termination, or other incidents.

💡Learn how Dataiku customer OHRA was able to standardize data and model components while reducing risk. 

Dataiku: The Platform for Modern Analytics

Dataiku is the leading modern analytics platform that can help organizations of all sizes to improve their performance and agility, reduce risk, and gain more insights from their data. Dataiku offers a wide range of features and capabilities for data preparation, data pipelines, predictive analytics, and data visualization. 

Dataiku also has new features to help organizations take advantage of Generative AI, including:

With Dataiku, organizations have access to a modern analytics platform and can take advantage of the latest Generative AI technologies to improve their business processes and create new products and services.

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