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Medicine is always evolving, but healthcare as an industry struggles to incorporate data analytics into their workflows.  We sat down with a crew of expert researchers, data scientists, and clinicians with a plethora of applications for how analytics and machine learning can help doctors, nurses, technicians, and patients have better experiences and outcomes. 

But don't take our word for it; check out some of the videos and projects from the doctors we consulted. They're all focused on different domains within healthcare, but are unified in their belief that analytics and data can help improve medicine and give patients peace of mind. And if you really want to learn more, download our free white paper featuring these insights in addition to the latest research.

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Supporting Rural Healthcare Practitioners

There is a critical lack of rural healthcare providers which has serious ramifications for rural healthcare. Dr. William Paiva, Ph.D., MBA, is using AI to help support the providers already in the field and enable smart solutions to fill the specialist void.


Cultivating Medical Intelligence with Clinicians

Dr. Anthony Chang, MD, MBA, MPH, MS, works to increase clinician education and familiarity with AI so that they will feel more comfortable incorporating it into their workflows. He knows that education is the first step and that doctors and technologists need to work together to develop the best systems for healthcare.

IoT without Wearables for Older Adults

Dr. Ali Yalcin and Dr. Carla VandeWeerd adapt the insights available from wearables for older adult populations who don't want to be in the IoT. Utilizing a variety of home based sensors, this systems provides peace of mind to care givers and enables older adults to retain their autonomy. 



Data Analytics Combats Kidney Failure

Dr. Mark Sendak, MD, created an application to holistically examine a patient's medical records and alert their doctors at signs of kidney failure.

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