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Let’s Celebrate 2 Years of the Dataiku Academy

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We’re celebrating two years of success with the Dataiku Academy — the online learning and certification platform that teaches data science using Dataiku.

Since the Academy launched in May 2020, it has gained more than 40,000 registered users and awarded nearly 11,000 certificates in five different learning paths. While growing rapidly, the Academy has kept its focus on users’ needs, and more than 85% of Academy users view the learning platform in a positive or highly positive way. 

I'm pleased to have finished the week with the completion of Dataiku's ML Practitioner cert! It was a great introduction to machine learning and, as always, Dataiku provides really helpful clarity around complex data flows and analysis.”          - Gabriel Greening, Technology Consultant at Credera

Dataiku created the Academy to help customers upskill on AI concepts and enable their teams to deliver value from AI at scale. Through the Academy, Dataiku users with various skills and roles are empowered to learn at their own pace through repeatable, hands-on curricula, including:

The vast majority of Academy tutorials can be completed using the free edition of Dataiku and, best of all, using the Academy, including earning certificates, is entirely free!

Some notable use cases for the Academy include educating prospective customers, onboarding new customers, building enablement programs for existing customers, and providing educational resources for learners to succeed in our data-driven world.

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The strength of the Academy lies in all the learning content that caters to users' needs. In just two years, the Academy has produced:

  • 220 videos
  • 80 courses
  • 5 learning paths
  • 5 quick start programs
  • 5 certifications 

With constant feedback from learners, the Academy continues to create new content and improve existing lessons for Dataiku users. Future plans include developing more industry use cases and creating a learning path for Dataiku administrators, so stay tuned for those!

The Academy has grown and succeeded thanks to the work of Dataiku’s dedicated product learning team (formerly part of the educational services team) that creates and manages all of the learning content, as well as contributions from various teams, including data science training specialists, data scientists, graphics teams, and more. Thanks to the efforts of these teams, the Dataiku Academy continues to grow and meet the needs of tens of thousands of learners every day. 

If you haven’t tried the Dataiku Academy, visit the website today to take a course or follow a learning path. You can start with one of the Quick Start programs targeted to specific user profiles. Also, don’t forget to share your feedback to help the Academy continually improve.

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