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Meet Christelle, Enterprise Account Executive at Dataiku!

Dataiku Company Emilie Cêtre

Ever wanted to know more about the people behind your favorite Enterprise AI platform? You're in luck — every few weeks, meet one of the humans at Dataiku working every day to ensure customers and users find success on their path to Enterprise AI. This week, meet Christelle Mercier, Enterprise Account Executive (AE)! 


Christelle and other Dataikers at South Europe Team Days in 2019.

What is your role as Account Executive about? 

I am responsible for the entire sales cycle focusing on retail & luxury in France. I am in charge of engaging prospects and customers about their data and advanced analytics initiatives to help them improve all their processes and make better decisions thanks to our platform, Dataiku DSS. We have built a very large customer-facing team with different profiles and skills, so we are equipped to help any organization ready to transform through data. Just like a conductor, the AE could not do anything alone. The support that I get on a daily basis from our business developers, sales engineers, and customer success managers is essential. Our leadership team is also very accessible and always available to support us and discuss with peers at our clients’ organizations.

Has your role evolved since you joined Dataiku? 


Yes! I joined the company in 2018 and my role has been evolving this year. On top of my AE role, I facilitate the sales group that works more specifically on the retail & luxury, media & entertainment, hospitality, and IT industries. We work together on building smart selling techniques, compelling messages, and campaigns to target these prospects. I want the team to benefit from my experience with these industries and the ultimate goal is really that we learn from each other in order to be even more impactful when talking with the clients. 

How would you describe the Dataiku sales culture? 

I mentioned it before but I think we have a very collaborative sales approach. It’s never just about one AE. Literally everyone in the company is working towards client satisfaction, from the R&D team and marketing to implementation managers and data scientists and architects. I think we also have a responsible way of selling. We truly want to help our customers and we care about them a lot. We are selling more than a software, we are offering our clients a whole setup that will help them achieve some of their greatest ambitions and we do everything we can in order for them to succeed.

What made you want to join Dataiku? 

I have 20 years of experience navigating tech companies and I discovered Dataiku because my last company was one of their partners. I was first attracted by the product. I got to see how powerful it was and how important the topic was for companies. I also met some smart people and discovered an incredible human-centered culture based on collaboration and engagement. Dataiku is at the heart of major company transformation right now and I wanted to be part of it.  

What makes you stay? 

My experience at Dataiku did not prove me wrong on the culture aspect, it’s exactly what I imagined before joining. One thing I enjoy a lot also is the fact that we are in a company that is growing very fast without compromising its vision. Growth is not the goal per se, it’s a means to achieve the mission we are all working towards. This makes me feel very secure. Things are changing but I always know why and what is expected of me. This growth also means that there are dozens of opportunities to grow, create, and build things. It’s very stimulating!

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