Meet Kim, Technical Support Engineer at Dataiku!

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Ever wanted to know more about the people behind your favorite Enterprise AI platform? You're in luck - every few weeks, meet one of the humans at Dataiku working every day to ensure customers and users find success on their path to Enterprise AI.

That's Kim  ← hard at work at our office in New York City!meet-kim-dataiku

What do you like about Dataiku?

I love the people here at Dataiku. I’ve worked at a few other companies prior to Dataiku and I can honestly say that this is the best place I’ve ever worked at. My colleagues are all so helpful, kind and smart. I feel so excited to come to work everyday and work with such diverse talents.

What feels special about your job in support?

I’m constantly challenged at work and it’s never a dull day in support. The product is quite complex and when there are issues, they are very technical and require you to think out-of-the-box. You have to put yourself into your customers’ shoes. The best part is to be able to solve issues and feel like you’ve helped someone. And of course, there are days where I struggle, but when I look back on those moments, these are the ones that allowed me to learn and grow professionally.

Can you remember the most complex ticket that you solved?

I did not come from a Hadoop or Spark background, so being able to solve those types of tickets make me feel very accomplished.

How did you ramp up on the product?

I went through all the tutorials, documentation and even set up my own testing infrastructure. I was also very lucky to have many mentors help me ramp up on the product, who were there to answer many of my questions.

What do you like most about your team?

My teammates all come from very different backgrounds and they each have unique strategies when it comes to solving tickets. It’s nice to have such a diverse group come together to share knowledge when approaching difficult tickets. They have always been there for me during the challenging days of support so I’ve never felt alone facing any complex issues.

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