On Committing to Continuity in Turbulent Times

Dataiku Company Carole Offredo

As COVID-19 disrupts the daily routine of businesses, families, and communities around the world, here at Dataiku, we’d be lying if we said we haven’t been facing some challenges. But we are also optimistic that the waters will (eventually) settle and that when they do, data science, machine learning, and AI will be perhaps even more critical to organizations’ operations than ever before. That’s why we’re doubling down on our commitment to our customers, partners, and to the Dataiku community during this time.

Going Remote

We consider ourselves very lucky that our employees are, for the most part, able to continue their regular day-to-day activities from home (and indeed, we’ve been a 100 percent remote company worldwide for more than one week now).

dataiku-remoteWe are  operating 100% remotely and look forward to continuing to support our customers and the community as such.

Though normally we thrive on face-to-face meetings with our customers as well as the data community at large through a packed schedule of events, meetups, and more, we’re committed to continuing education and learning. That means in the coming weeks, we’re ready to support:

  • Our customers first and foremost through distributed Dataiku coaching as well as additional, customized assistance on high priority projects or use cases during this challenging time. We’ll also continue to work on making Dataiku even better. Last week we released Dataiku 7, and we are planning for another release in the coming quarter.
  • Our network and the data community, via increased cadence of webinars, content, and other opportunities to connect for e-learning. Note that in the interest of the community, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our EGG NYC and EGG LDN events. We're working hard to determine how and when we bring these events back to the community.
  • The larger community, by donating the time of our data scientists to help in any we can in addressing the pandemic.

Looking Forward

Everything is uncertain, so the only thing we can be right now is positive. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone when meetings and events across the world resume. Until then, find us on LinkedIn to continue getting updates on new webinar and content offerings, join the Dataiku Community to meet other data professionals, or peruse our large library of learn materials for knowledge on Dataiku specifically or data science in general.

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