OnCrawl Plugin Now Available to Connect Technical SEO to Data Science

Dataiku Product Rebecca Berbel

This blog post was written by our friends at OnCrawl, an award-winning technical SEO platform that helps over 1,000 companies make smarter SEO decisions.

We are pleased to announce the release of the OnCrawl plugin for Dataiku. This plugin, fruit of collaboration between OnCrawl and Dataiku teams, allows full integration of OnCrawl crawl, link, and log monitoring data in data science and machine learning projects within Dataiku.

OnCrawl: A Software at the Crossroads of SEO and Data Science

OnCrawl combines content, log files, and search data at scale so that companies can open Google’s black box and build an SEO strategy with confidence. Backed by an SEO crawler, a log analyzer, and third-party integrations, OnCrawl produces actionable dashboards and reports to support your entire search engine optimization process and helps you improve your rankings, traffic, and online revenues.

They have recently released the first ever SEO solution providing state-of-the art machine learning algorithms. Relying on Google Colab and using Python and R languages, OnCrawl Labs offers a portfolio of machine learning algorithms to address strategic SEO issues and offer features not yet available on the SEO market.

Why Offer a Technical SEO Plugin to Dataiku Users?

Due to the complexity of today's markets, the growing opacity of search engine ranking algorithms, and the sheer volume of data available affecting SEO, the ability to easily manipulate and analyze data now makes the difference between SEO as a marketing tool, and SEO as executive-level product strategy. Users can effectively leverage the plugin to improve SEO across a variety of data-driven projects.

Today, Dataiku is one of the only AI and machine learning platforms to offer a technical SEO plugin that helps teams integrate data science into their SEO initiatives.

The OnCrawl SEO Plugin for Dataiku

Through the new OnCrawl plugin, Dataiku gives you full access to all of your SEO data:

  • All datasets: crawl data, links data, and log events data
  • All projects, including multi-project data processing

OnCrawl data queries

The OnCrawl Dataiku plugin gives you access to your OnCrawl data in Dataiku, where it is ready for use in data science and machine learning projects. This plugin is fully compatible for use with all other data sources in Dataiku. The OnCrawl plugin lets you work on data science projects applied to SEO including but not limited to:

  • Identification of new or unindexed content for real-time indexing requests
  • Automated SEO text generation
  • Anomaly reporting based on trends in your crawl results
  • Prediction of future long tail trends

Requirements for Using the OnCrawl Plugin for Dataiku

The OnCrawl plugin for Dataiku is available to all Dataiku users.

To connect to your OnCrawl account, the plugin requires API access to OnCrawl — you will need an OnCrawl account with an API subscription option. Don’t hesitate to hit the contact us button to create your OnCrawl account. By exporting data from OnCrawl, you can effectively bring data science into your SEO management.

About the Author

Rebecca Berbel is the Content Manager at OnCrawl. She's a fan of content strategy, data analysis, and anything technical. She regularly writes articles for the OnCrawl blog, but you can also find her on Twitter.

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