Evolve to Everyday AI With the Dataiku Partner Network

Dataiku Company Liz Ward

Welcome to the Dataiku Partner Network — a select network of organizations across various industries that provide coalesced value to customers alongside Dataiku. 

Recently we sat down with David Tharp, Senior Vice President of Ecosystems and Alliances at Dataiku, who shared his perspective on the future of the Dataiku Partner Network. In this blog, we continue the conversation regarding the vision for customers working with Dataiku partners and explore the ways that these uniquely beneficial relationships echo Dataiku values. 

3 Key Partner Types to Target Your Pain Points 

Industries experience different pain points and figuring out what solutions target these challenges best is not always easy. For this reason, Dataiku focuses on onboarding partners that serve industry-specific needs in a reliable, quick time-to-value fashion. 

Regulatory and risk management, demand forecasting and customer survey feedback, predictive analytics, and more critical solutions areas are addressed by the three Dataiku partner types: technology alliances, service providers, and resellers.

Dataiku Chooses Wisely 

One of the main benefits that working with the Dataiku Partner Network presents is the innate practicality of doing so. Dataiku vets organizations and chooses to work specifically with those that show proven success for customers with notably valuable products and/or services. Dataiku’s selectivity through this process ensures that you are working with organizations that, alongside Dataiku, provide best-of-class solutions. Working with a Dataiku partner is a wise decision and obviously beneficial alternative to carrying out this assessment process yourself, saving time and resources, and increasing the probability of prosperous integrations. 

Another added bonus of working with Dataiku partners is that you won’t miss out on the investments that you’ve already made as you add new tools and technologies into the mix. In fact, figuring out exactly how new solutions fit into your current tech stack is the specified objective of Dataiku systems integrator partners. Plus, Dataiku uses native technology to merge seamlessly into your existing stacks. 

Identify Your Needs and Realize Real Value With Dataiku 

So, now that you’ve heard about the benefits of working with a Dataiku partner, you’re likely curious about what an initiation into this journey with partners looks like. 

Understanding where your organization falls along the route to Everyday AI is the fundamental first step. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to figure this out on your own. A key part of the Dataiku partner program is a maturity curve assessment which is an evaluation that identifies where you are in your journey. Then after deciding where you want to go from this point, Dataiku determines exactly how to meet you where you are with a tailored package of solutions that specifically address your organization’s pain points. Dataiku helps you figure out exactly what integrations and relationships enable your teams to work toward long-term business goals and a bright future. 


A Future-Focused Mindset 

Everyday AI is about systemizing the use of data for exceptional business results. Designed for everyone and leveraged by more than 500 companies around the world, Dataiku turns AI into a day-to-day tool that is accessible to a large, diverse user base — everyone. 

→ Everyday AI, Extraordinary People

Marrying the talent of the technologist to the insights of the business analyst, the future of AI holds endless possibilities. The Dataiku Partner Ecosystem drives this mission by arming organizations with the exact recipe for the perfect plate of solutions that feed true business impact. AI at this scale drives value that even goes beyond profit.  

In David’s words, “ What excites me most about working with partners is the opportunity that we're creating for people at the most basic human level. You know, it's great that we're helping companies with AI. It's great that we're building Dataiku partnerships with our partners, but, to me, the most exciting thing is that we're creating opportunities for people to have very meaningful jobs in the modern technology world.” 

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