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In March, we revealed that Dataiku’s documentary “Data Science Pioneers” had been viewed by over 6,000 people in over 40 countries globally. As it stands today, those numbers have grown to more than 10,000 people in over 70 countries.

Due to the overwhelming attention “Data Science Pioneers” has garnered over the last few months, we are excited to announce that it is now available to watch on demand. A first-of-its-kind look into the data science community (and those who fuel its continuous progress), “Data Science Pioneers” shares stories and firsthand insights that will ignite discussions about how to build a solid foundation for AI, how the community is pushing us toward a technological revolution, concerns and challenges that lie ahead, and more.

From Then Until Now: A Brief History of “Data Science Pioneers”

The film, commissioned by Dataiku in order to improve the level of transparency within data scientists’ unique roles and the variety of complex questions they seek to answer, was released in September 2019. Upon launch, we held five VIP screenings — London, Amsterdam, New York City, Paris, and Sydney — to generate exposure among data scientists in those communities.

While the film documents interviews from 20 immensely talented data scientists in New York City, London, Amsterdam, and Stuttgart across 20 companies, it has something for everyone, whether you are a data scientist or not. It discusses data science as a whole, its challenges, and its trajectory, but focuses on the people that work in the field everyday and what it’s like.

After the initial screenings, we held more than 300 offline screenings (up from 215 as of early March!) around the world, in places such as the Holy See, Nigeria, Vietnam, Brazil. These screenings were held at corporate companies, academic institutions, data community meetups, and industry events. Most recently, we held “Data Science Pioneers Day” on April 8, which included a worldwide livestream of the documentary on April 8 in 12 different time slots to cover all major locations across the globe. On that day alone, the film received over 5,000 views!

What’s next? We’re pleased to announce that anyone can stream “Data Science Pioneers” on demand here, so be sure to tell your friends and networks about it! You can also join in the conversation at @PioneersData on Twitter!

“Data Science Pioneers” Coverage

“Very inspiring, thanks for making it happen!”

“Interesting opinions from all over the world.”

“Very well documented, amazing insights, and immensely helpful!”

“Thank you for this film, a great introduction to the profession of the data scientist.”

These comments are only a few examples of the large amounts of positive feedback that the documentary generated from a diverse range of enterprise organizations. The film has been nominated for the Snowdance Independent Film Festival and the Crystal Palace International Film Festival and was chosen as the winner of the Corporate Media Award 2020. The runtime is only one hour and, with an 8.6/10 rating on IMDb, you won’t want to miss it!

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