The Data Science Roadshow is ON!

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The Dataiku Data Science Roadshow is on - 17 cities, 12 countries, and countless data scientists and pizzas. This September, we decided to take our successful meetup series (traditionally held in either New York and London) one step further to connect even more of the data community across the world.

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What Makes a Great Meetup

We’ve been running them for quite some time, and we can say decidedly that a quality meetup means pizza and beer (of course). But it also involves combining larger topics (like how to get started with Enterprise AI or how to operationalize machine learning projects) with smaller, more tactical how-to topics (like the fundamentals of anomaly detection or recommendation engines) to make sure there’s something interesting for everyone.

pizza-beerIngredients for a successful meetup: pizza, beer, and a curious community of data-minded people.

Be the audience technical, non-technical, academics, students, professionals, enthusiasts, or other - we want to bring them together through meetups to learn and share their experiences. So it isn’t just about doing a presentation in a room, but about the connections and networking across the vast data ecosystem of the world and unite the individuals as passionate about data science as we are.

More on the Roadshow

Helsinki, Oslo, Berlin, but also Reykjavik, Vienna, Copenhagen, or Luxembourg - this is not the cast for the next season of Money Heist, but only some of the 17 cities where we’ll tour in September and October with the help of Datanatives.

reykjavikstockholmamsterdam-1viennaThe Data Science Roadshow will take place in 17 cities around Europe.

During each of these evenings, people will get a chance to hear from a data scientist to discover an advanced use case leveraging Artificial Intelligence. There will, of course, also be plenty of time to network with local data geeks, partners, academics, customers, and Dataiku staff.

We kept the pizza and beer part too, as it seems there couldn’t be any decent data science evening without it, but we’ll also try to (metaphorically) give the attendees the floor as we’ll collect your feedback on the state of data science today. This roadshow is indeed the first step to a global project of loving and engaging even more with our users, and more broadly, with data enthusiasts and professionals. If you want to be part of this exciting new story, see you in September or October in a city near you!

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