The Final Data Science Roadshow is Just the Beginning

Data Basics, Dataiku Company Julia Günther

The Dataiku Data Science Roadshow wrapped up its 12-country tour last week, and while they say all good things must come to an end, we’re happy to say that we still have more on the docket to satisfy the worldwide data community.


From Copenhagen on September 4th to the final stop in Luxembourg on October 18th and 15 other cities in between (even one in Singapore!), the Data Science Roadshow brought data science topics to the forefront of the local communities.

Dataiku teamed up with local experts to present cutting-edge AI topics. For example, several of the talks featured a use case on using AI for mail processing - you can check out a version of the talk here:



We’re proud to host events where the goal is not only education for the data community, but also networking and making connections between students or professionals across industries, whether technical or non-technical. As we could tell from the empty pizza boxes at the end of the evenings, we’re also proud to host events where attendees can enjoy a low-key environment in which to discover data science.


It’s bittersweet that the Dataiku Data Science Roadshow has to come to an end, but we are grateful to have met such a big part of the international data community in person and to have the opportunity to geek out over some data science topics together!

If you missed the Dataiku Data Science Roadshow, hopefully we’ll catch you at our EGG Conference, coming to New York and Paris next month. Or, check out where you can find us at other events across the globe here.


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