These Are the Best Marketing & Retail EGG Talks from 2019

Dataiku Company Nancy Koleva

Another day, another ranking of the best 2019 EGG talks by industry. After finance and media, here comes another batch of insightful talks on human-centred AI from global data experts, this time centered around the marketing and retail industries:

4. AI in Retail: Building a Brilliant Shoe Discovery System | Antonis Argyros, SafeSize

After scanning more than fifteen million feet, two and a half million shoes from almost every brand and receiving more than two million of feedback points from consumers all over the world, SafeSize has managed to build a brilliant shoe discovery solution for omnichannel retail.

In this talk, Antonis Argyros shares with the audience the key learnings and the main challenges that SafeSize faced the last decade while at the same time explaining how AI solutions could be implemented in the retail market today.

3. How to Make a Success of Data Science | Jan Teichmann, Zoopla

Making data science a success is really hard with up to 85% of projects and initiatives around big data and data science failing according to Gartner. The reasons are complex but often misunderstood. What is so different about data science that it needs new approaches?

A survey in 2016 concluded that 80% of data science is preparing and cleaning data (the infamous 80/20 rule). That survey of data scientists caught on and developed into the widely recognized problem statement for data science, because productionization of models is the toughest problem in data science. This talk introduces the unique data science requirements and why they are important for the long game and introduce the Rendezvous Architecture, a proven solution to integrate data science and enterprise requirements in a harmonious way at scale.

2. EGG AMS 2019 Online Conversion Modelling Combining CRM-Data and Online Behaviour | Margot Rozendaal & Evalien IJsendijk, DPG Media

DPG Media's marketing team is shifting from traditional marketing channels (e-mail, direct mail) to using reach on our own news platforms for lead generation. However, not all visitors are ready for conversion yet. The customer intelligence team has built a model to distinguish which customers can be targeted with a sell message and which ones first need to become more engaged with their content.

1. A Glance at ADA: Aviva’s Algorithmic Decision Agent | Damian Rumble, Aviva

Aviva looks to leverage its vast data resources to drive world class customer data science into action. Dr. Damian Rumble has been involved in the development of ADA, Aviva’s Algorithmic decision agent, a customer first AI that is powering omni-channel hyper personalised marketing. ADA is a supervised machine learning model ensemble that utilises Aviva’s Customer data and XGBoosting methods to provide predictions of our customer’s next best actions.

Not only does this project showcase the power of big data to provide predictions of the future behaviour of our customers, it also demonstrates the full life cycle of a fintech project, from inception, design, delivery of a MVP. Completing A/B testing and working with stakeholders across the business to ensure ADA becomes widely used in all aspects of the business, rather than simply being another data science curiosity that gathers dust on the shelf.

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