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Tips and Tricks for Coders in Dataiku

Dataiku Product Marie Merveilleux du Vignaux

From working in IDEs to version control, to custom models and more, Dataiku includes many features for coders and technical roles. During the 2021 Dataiku Product Days, Senior Product Manager Dimitri Labouesse and Data Scientist Emma Huang walked us through some of the coding integration in Dataiku with a sample workflow demo. Watch this demo to learn how to best leverage your coding skills in Dataiku.

A Quick Overview of the Project

In this demo, Dimitri and Emma are collaborating on a project together to predict customer churn. They have built out some of the initial segmentation models and Dimitri, as a data engineer, is tasked with retrieving the new unlabeled data to score. Once he adds the data to the project, Emma will then clean it and create a final trend prediction model.

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