Secure and Scalable Enterprise AI: TitanML & the Dataiku LLM Mesh

Dataiku Product, Scaling AI Meryem Arik

This article was written by our friends at TitanML. TitanML’s Takeoff powers secure, scalable Generative AI solutions for text, image, and audio applications for leading enterprises, enabling rapid deployment from demo to production.

Generative AI is revolutionizing industries, but scaling applications securely remains a challenge. Enter Dataiku's partnership with TitanML’s Titan Takeoff. This partnership gives Dataiku users the ability to effortlessly build, scale, and deploy AI models within their secure environment.

Titan Takeoff removes the extra work and burden of self-hosting Generative AI models, empowering scalable and private self-hosted deployments. Titan Takeoff’s integration into the Dataiku LLM Mesh makes building with private self-hosted AI models just as easy as building with cloud model offerings, giving teams choice and security. 

How Titan Takeoff and the Dataiku LLM Mesh make enterprise AI a reality.

How Titan Takeoff and the Dataiku LLM Mesh make enterprise AI a reality.

What's the Problem?

Businesses are grappling with a major challenge: Gain a reliance on and expose sensitive internal data to potentially third-party AI APIs, or fall behind competitors who are reaping AI’s competitive advantage.

The solution? Teams need to implement AI tools that are scalable across functions, customizable according to their needs, and can be deployed in their own secure environments.

Titan Takeoff enables organizations to effortlessly deploy and scale Generative AI applications. It makes self-hosting as easy as working with API providers, slashing the engineering time required to self-host AI applications.

Titan Takeoff allows enterprise teams to work with self-hosted models as easily as API models while taking for granted best-in-class scalable infrastructure.Titan Takeoff allows enterprise teams to work with self-hosted models as easily as API models while taking for granted best-in-class scalable infrastructure.

How Can You Leverage TitanML in Dataiku?

Using the right tools makes it easier and more efficient for businesses to privately host their own AI models. By integrating with the Dataiku LLM Mesh, Dataiku’s customers can now use TitanML’s self-hosted tools through the platform to speed up the process of securely using AI within their organization. Enterprises can easily track spending and usage limits thanks to Dataiku’s LLM Cost Guard, while leveraging Titan Takeoff to seamlessly test, deploy, and scale self-hosted AI models. 

This integration removes the extra work and burden of self-hosting, providing an API-like experience while keeping models and data completely private and local. 

TitanML supports 10,000s of models including:

  • Generative Language Models (Llama, Mistral, Mistral, StableLM, Falcon, Gemma etc)
  • Embedding Models 
  • Reranker Models
  • Image to Text Models (Llava)
  • Audio Models (Coming Q3 2024)
  • And all fine-tuned variants of these architectures!)

TitanML’s Titan Takeoff and Dataiku’s LLM Mesh: the complete tool kit for secure AI applications.

How You'll Benefit From This Partnership? 

Leveraging TitanML offers Dataiku’s customers the best of both worlds. They can keep their data private and secure at all times, while still having easy access to powerful tools and features like the LLM Cost Guard for tracking costs. 

But that’s not all. Enterprises are already using TitanML and Dataiku to:

  • Optimize their semantic search abilities
  • Power smooth document processing 
  • Harness private data with agents for analytics
  • Unlock new possibilities with text generation
  • Leverage AI’s full power while retaining control over their data and costs

By the way, I recently joined Dataiku CTO Clément Stenac in a webinar that focused on this exact topic, specifically the technical background of why LLMs are so expensive, opportunities to reduce the cost of using them in the enterprise, and how the two technologies can help. Check out the full recording below if you missed it!

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