Top 7 Free Resources for Data Scientists

Data Basics Claire Carroll

Data Scientists are a passionate and curious bunch, who explore the ecosystem to learn new technologies and best practices but you've only got part of the picture if you don't have all the information necessary to understand new industries and technologies. That's why we assembled a set of free resources for data scientists to keep up with the latest in research, corporate practices, and data ethics.


Corporate blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and communities offer places for data scientists to share successes and knowledge, in addition to helping readers find peers and stay up to date in the industry:

Technical Resources

      1. Medium — Blogs like the MIT Technology Review and Data from the Trenches help connect readers directly with news, researchers, and other data scientists without any of the lag associated with more traditional paper publications.
      2. Corporate Blogs — Giants like Netflix, Uber, AirBnB, and OkCupid dive into real problems and how they're solved with cutting edge tech, in addition to giving a window into what collaboration workflows are like on these large data-driven teams. 
      3. Data Is Beautiful — This subreddit explores different data visualization methods and how accurate (and beautiful) representations can help tell stories and convey scientist
      4. Kaggle — Go head-to-head with other data enthusiasts around the world to tackle pressing issues with provided data sets. Kaggle also offers discussion and learning resources to help you deepen your understanding and explore new topics. 
      5. Podcasts — If you prefer audio content, podcasts may be your best bet. Data Skeptic is one of the oldest data podcasts, with mini technical episodes and longer form interviews and culture explorations. The new Banana Data Podcast (and associated email newsletter) is also a great choice, with weekly episodes that dive into technical projects and news from the ecosystem with humor and humanity. 
      6. Glitch — Explore new apps, tweak them to your custom specs, and find collaborators to build you own projects in this developer community.
      7. Dataquest — Offering a host of free courses, from beginner Python to scalable production data engineering, Dataquest is a great way to expand your skillset and delve into new topics. 


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