Top High-Value AI Use Cases in Retail & CPG

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From hyper-targeted marketing campaigns and customer journey optimization to transforming warehouse and store management, AI is empowering brands and retailers to understand their customers and their businesses better in order to deliver unique, differentiated, one-on-one experiences.

Marketing, sales, and supply-chain management together constitute some of the biggest areas of opportunity. And of course, AI is a powerful tool for personalizing product recommendations, including through analyzing aggregated user data to understand individual customer preferences.

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Consumer industries such as retail and e-commerce will tend to see more potential from marketing and sales AI applications because frequent and digital interactions between business and customers generate larger datasets for AI techniques to tap into. For their part, brick-and-mortar retailers and CPG companies can implement AI applications to improve product assortment and inventory management per store and to optimize their supply chains end-to-end.

The following infographic summarizes some of the most common high-value use cases for real-world AI applications in the retail, e-commerce, and CPG space.

GM876-DAC Infographics for Retail White Paper 2019_Top_High_Value

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