Veteran x Newbie Dataiker: Meet Elisa, Head of User Experience and Léo, VP of Research

Dataiku Company Emilie Cêtre

Ever wanted to know more about the people behind your favorite Enterprise AI platform? You're in luck — every few weeks, meet some of the humans at Dataiku working every day to ensure customers and users find success on their path to Enterprise AI. 

This week, we spoke with Elisa Salamanca, Head of User Experience and Léo Dreyfus-Schmidt, VP of Research. Elisa just joined us in May 2021 whereas Léo has been a Dataiker since May 2015. When Léo joined, Dataiku was a 30 employee startup based in Paris. Now the company is a tech unicorn that employs more than 650 people across the globe. So, what’s different? We were curious to see if Elisa and Léo’s Dataiku experiences differed a lot and in what sense, so we asked them a few questions to understand what changed and stayed the same in six years of rapid scaling. 

Check out the video below (it's less than three minutes long!) to see Léo and Elisa debate about their Dataiku experience — topics include our product, onboarding program, company culture, and our founders. 


Spoiler alert: In six years, the product has changed a lot and the company too. While a growing number of users and employees implies more structured processes, the culture has remained pretty much the same: collaborative, open, and friendly. 

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