Video: Dataiku and Spark, a Powerful Combination

spark | | Robert Kelley

Today is the first day of the Spark Summit East 2017 in Boston, and just in time, we have a brand new video showing why Dataiku and Spark are such a powerful combination.


Check it out here:


One bonus of this video is some sneak peaks at features in our soon-to-be-released Dataiku 4.0!

The video focuses on ways that Dataiku makes the most out of Spark. Specifically, we cover:

  • Dataiku's visual machine learning and how it works with Spark, along with the coding languages available (Spark Scala, PySpark, Spark R, and Spark SQL)
  • How to create multiple generic profiles on Spark via Dataiku, which allows more people in your organization to benefit from Spark
  • Spark pipelines, which are a new feature in Dataiku 4.0, and that enable much faster calculations in running Spark workflows
  • For those of you upgrading to Spark 2.x, Dataiku makes it very simple to keep all your data preparation and models just as you had them before

If you happen to be at the Spark Summit in Boston, come find us at booth 402. Looking forward to talking to you about everything data science- and Spark-related!

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