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Today, Dataiku announced several milestones. One was about the scale of our business: passing $230 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR). Another was about the geographic balance of our business: passing $100 million in ARR in both our Americas and EMEA regions. And a third is about preparing for the coming decade: hiring Wall Street and software veteran Krish Venkataraman in the newly created role of President.

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Laying the Foundation For Enterprise-Ready AI

Throughout 2023, Dataiku is celebrating its tenth anniversary, and the platform that we have today is a recognizable descendant of the earliest versions. This is a consequence of our product strategy: maintain end-to-end coverage for the enterprise analytics and AI lifecycle by continuously integrating the new, breakthrough technologies that will see enterprise adoption. 

The core design principles of our platform mean that we can rapidly integrate new technologies while ensuring enterprise-grade security and scalability. Our release notes are the decade-long evidence of this, with notable integrations of Spark (2015), Kubernetes (2018), deep learning (2018), and GPT-3 (2021)

Our customers know that we take topics like security and reliability seriously, while they also know that we keep our finger on the pulse of the latest advances. This dual focus is why Dataiku is increasingly becoming the standard for analytics and AI in the world’s largest and most successful organizations. In fact, Dataiku has now been chosen by more than 10% of Forbes Global 2000 companies. 

Generative AI Accelerates the Path to Everyday AI

We've been working with those customers on topics related to Generative AI for about a year, building on the flexibility of our platform and our early HuggingFace and OpenAI integrations. Those discussions were informative and ranged from the enthusiasm and urgency of the C-suite and boardroom, to the pragmatic questions from practitioners about how they would build, maintain, and secure those applications. 

Informed by these many discussions, we started building. In June, we announced our first batch of Generative AI features, including Prompt Studios, our prompt engineering interface, and AI Prepare, which uses AI to accelerate the tedious work of data preparation. In the coming weeks — and culminating at our annual Everyday AI Conference (September 26 - 27th in New York City) — we will be releasing many more features to power the development of enterprise Generative AI applications, all built on top of a new architecture paradigm. 

We have delivered these enterprise-ready capabilities thanks to our uncompromising engineering culture and the solid foundations of our flexible platform. This is a moment when enterprises need a trustworthy and reliable partner to explore this technological frontier. Dataiku was built for this moment.

Generative AI will be transformative. Trillions of dollars will change hands due to this technology with both new entrants and established players seeing their fortunes rise and fall. Building practical, safe, and secure Generative AI applications that deliver value in the enterprise requires not only access to the best AI models — which Dataiku facilitates — but a feature-complete platform offering enterprise security, data integration, analytics, and traditional machine learning. Only Dataiku provides this complete, end-to-end analytics and AI platform in an integrated, multi-cloud package. 

Everyday AI Is Still 10 Years Away

Over the next ten years, Dataiku will continue to work toward making the use of AI in the enterprise pervasive and safe (this is what we mean by “Everyday AI”). There is plenty of work to be done. Even with the advent of Generative AI — and perhaps even more so because of it — our vision for Everyday AI is far from being a solved problem and many open questions remain. For example:

  • How can the subtlety of human expertise be efficiently combined with the raw horsepower of AI?
  • How can enterprises manage and orchestrate ever-more complex AI systems within existing and new data infrastructure?
  • And, most importantly, how do you ensure that this rapidly expanding use of AI is guaranteed to be safe and reliable?

Solving these questions will require grit and determination, close work with our customers, and the talents of many diverse employees. The Dataiku bench is incredibly deep, including some of the best data scientists, architects, and engineers in the world. Combined with our world-class go-to-market teams in our customer, revenue, and marketing departments and our stellar corporate functions, we have proven that we know how to hire incredible talent in all roles and in all regions. 

For our team members to be able to bring their full capabilities to bear in support of our customers, we must ensure that our company is operating ever more efficiently. This is where Krish’s experience becomes so important. Combining his proven experience with our distinctive company culture is how we will create the machine that will allow the largest possible number of companies worldwide to enjoy our technology's full potential.

Our success for the next ten years will come from finding the right alchemy of visionary product, extraordinary people, and savvy market timing. I am confident that we will get that right. We have ten years of practice doing just that. 

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